Alliances & Teaming Partners

Testek has an excellent working relationship and individual product alliances with major OEMs for aircraft components.


& Partnerships

Testek is the sole Teaming Partner and Licensee of UTC Aerospace (UTAS) formely Hamilton Sundstrand for Electrical Power Generation System Component test equipment. No other test equipment manufacturer offers this license and teaming partnership for the UTC Aerospace line of aircraft electrical control products.   utas
Testek Inc. and Cassidian Test & Services (formerly EADS Test & Services) have signed an agreement for development of Electrical Power Generation Systems test capability on the ATEC Series 6 automatic testers. This cooperation resulted in a universal modular add-on solution for the ATEC Series 6 called the TPEM (Test Power Extension Module). The TPEM is being designed by Testek Inc/Cassidian Test & Services to increase the technical possibilities of ATEC family products for aircraft electrical power controls and power electronics. The TPEM will install directly onto the ATEC 6 and provide test capability for B787, A350 and other aircraft EPGS equipment.eads1
Derco Aerospace, Inc. a Sikorsky Aerospace Services company, has signed an agreement with Testek, Inc. to jointly pursue specialized aircraft test equipment opportunities worldwide. The agreement combines the capabilities and expertise of both companies to support customers’ requirements for complete in-house repair and testing capabilities.Derco
Sikorsky is a distributor of Testek’s Compact Aircraft Support Cart System (CASC-S) for the H-60/S-70, S-92, and S-76 aircraft, as well as other rotor-wing aircrafts. Sikorsky
Testek has an agreement in cooperation with Parker Aerospace in supporting F-16 aircraft’s hydraulic flight controls. parker
Testek is a licensee of Textron Systems for the design, build and manufacturing for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical applications, servo test stands and servo valve test stands manufactured by Textron Systems in Massachusetts and by Textron Systems former affiliate, HR Textron in Valencia and Santa Clarita, California. In particular, the license covers the manufacture and delivery of the STS Hydraulic Test Stands that support various versions of the F-15 and F-18 aircraft. Textron
Testek is a National Instrument’s Alliance Partnerlabview
Testek, who specialize in Aerospace Load Banks as well as test equipment, have formed a Strategic Partnership with ULB (Universal Load Banks), who special in Industrial Load Banks, in order to provide the combined market with the best possible solutions.ULB
Testek has teamed up with Aircraft FMC Solutions to provide Blackhawk sustainment and supportULB