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by Testek, on Nov 10, 2021

If you and your team work in the aerospace industry, you know how unique of an experience it can be. There are many individual challenges that differentiate our industry, from …

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by Connor Stump, on Sep 30, 2021

Does your business test aircraft components for flight worthiness? If so, it's likely that you're familiar with standard test equipment and it's software. Three of the most common questions that …

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by Sam Thomas, on Sep 2, 2021

Capital equipment is a major investment to make in your business, so a lot is expected out of the purchase. There is much to consider, be it cost, capability, footprint, …

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by Testek, on Jun 24, 2021

Upgrading the computer of a data acquisition system (DAS) can be a great way to extend the life of a test system and improve its efficiency. It seems like a …

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by Sam Thomas, on Jun 16, 2021

"Trusted in Testing" That's our tagline for who we are. Not only does it embody the quality of our design, accuracy of our software, and reliability of build, but it …

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by Sam Thomas, on Apr 7, 2021

"Practice Makes Perfect" A simple yet profound statement which has been around for centuries. The beauty of the phrase is that it can apply to anything. Sports. Writing. Painting. Public …

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by Aaron Branham, on Nov 10, 2020

When considering capability expansion, one of the first questions that will be prevalent is, “why choose supplier A over supplier B?” In a previous blog (9 considerations for TCO), we …

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by Aaron Branham, on Oct 22, 2020

OCTOBER EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Christian Hall Electrical Engineer “Testek gives me the perfect combination of design, hands-on work, and learning on the job experience I will carry with me for my …

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by Aaron Branham, on Sep 21, 2020

Wixom, MI - Testek Solutions, a Michigan based aviation test stand company, has been awarded a $38 Million USD contract with the US Navy regarding Aircraft Generator Test Stands (AGTS) …

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by John Arnold, on Apr 29, 2020

Investing in a new test stand is an important step in growing your capabilities. It is critical to understand the complete picture to avoid the pain of overlooked details and …

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