Who Is Testek Solutions?

We’re a talented team of manufacturers and engineers with over 50 years of experience in delivering the industry’s most trusted aerospace solutions.

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Trusted in Testing 

The regulatory burdens for OEMs, MROs and operators make aerospace component testing a necessity. To run their businesses successfully, OEMs, MROs and operators need reliable, high-quality, supported test equipment that provides on-schedule certification testing results throughout every stage of the aircraft’s lifecycle – from development, to production, and through servicing and repair.

Testek’s equipment tests aircraft hydraulics, power generation, avionics, fuel, lube, actuator, and pneumatic components. Testek also helps customers design large-scale testing facilities with future testing demands and flexibility in mind.

Testek Solutions Work and Are Trusted Throughout the Aerospace Industry Based on:

Market Leadership

For over 50 years, Testek Solutions has developed, manufactured, and supported standard and custom, open-architecture, test stand equipment for each stage based on unique and long-term partnership and licensing agreements with aircraft component manufacturers.

Technically Superior

Only highest quality COTS components are used to build the products based on in-house knowledge, expertise, industry experience, reputation and brands that have built test shop inspectors’ trust and users’ confidence that Testek equipment will not damage any aircraft system or component.

Reliable, Flexible and Long-lasting Products

We install before you install - full installation and test at our facilities prior to shipment, easy to use, and flexible to automate, highly reliable and long-lasting test equipment.

Stand-up Time and Support

We install before you install - full installation and test at our facilities prior to shipment. Thereafter responsive worldwide support with near immediate email/telephone support is available when needed along with fast repair or replacement backed by the industry’s best warranty.

Long-Term Value

Competitive and predictable total cost of ownership (TCO).

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Our numbers prove why we’re trusted in testing.

Installed Base
Customers Worldwide
Countries with Our Equipment

Why Testek?


Based on deep understanding and experience, solutions are tailored for your specific needs both now and in the future. Testek equipment won’t destroy or damage aircraft or parts and tests meet 100% of manufacturers’ specifications – you can be confident that if a Testek test stand passes it, then it passes with documented verification and OEM approvals.


We seek to grow your business and our business together in a strategic and financially secure partnership. By that we mean:

  • We will be responsive and reliable
  • Offer flexible contractual terms
  • Operate with transparent business processes and metrics
  • Remain financially secure, trusted and recommended across the aerospace industry


Lowest Risk Solution

Of your choices, we’re the lowest risk for pre-tested, pre-proven reliability from day one and continuously thereafter. Our test equipment is backed by the industry’s leading warranty and supported by a dedicated and responsive worldwide team with centers in USA, China, India, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Jordan, and South Korea for urgent and preventative maintenance.

Test Solutions For all

What Our Partners Have to Say

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to the entire Testek team for all of your hard work… I realize we imposed more work than you expected… and I was impressed with Testek’s response to your customer’s needs. It was great seeing both the Testek and NGC team members act as a single team to get the job done and right; which allows everyone to succeed and accomplish great things!
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman Corporation

I would like to express deep appreciation to the sincere efforts of [your team]. They were excellent and have finished their job successfully. By the timely setting up of the test stand, we could go through to process to get the repair certificate of those planned units within this year. This time was a good opportunity to enhance the relationship between KAL and Testek.”
Korean Air

Korean Air

Testek engineers and technicians are very knowledgeable. It is truly a pleasure working with a company that understands how important it is to have the equipment up and running and that is willing to jump through hoops to make things happen. This test stand at Delta clearly demonstrates Testek’s superior technical design and performance. Once again, Testek has lived up to their excellent reputation for test equipment and customer satisfaction.”
Delta TechOps

Delta TechOps

Testek is a long term supplier for Parker and we are happy with the quality of the test equipment and the support provided by the Testek team. I would recommend Testek fuel nozzle equipment for any applications that may be used to test Parker manufactured fuel nozzles.”
Parker Aerospace

Parker Aerospace

I wanted to thank you and your team for your efforts on the test stand project. The machine is truly an engineering marvel, by far the most complicated mechanical type test stand that I’ve been involved with since I began working in the aerospace business. I know that you faced many technical, political, and programmatic hurdles on this program and I appreciate how Testek has remained patient and persevered through all of the tribulations.”
Collins Aerospace

Collins Aerospace

Your engineer’s] professionalism, courtesy, and reasonable approach to offering solutions to issues as they arose were a very refreshing experience. Without his willingness to support the program to meet customer expectations were, without doubt, the difference between failure and success. Thank you!
Eaton Aerospace

Eaton Aerospace


We are always looking for great talent to join our world class team!

  • Hydraulics Engineers
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • System Engineers
  • Electrical Engineers

To apply, please indicate the position in the subject line, and submit your resume to: hrdept@testek.com

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