TestEx NxG Main Panel

TestEx NxG

The next generation test executive software from Testek Solutions.

Test Panel with 3D Model

Customize Your Test View

Edit and create new test panels to monitor what matters most to your operation.

With the all new TestEx NxG, you can create multiple custom test panels to monitor different panels and controls while units are under test. Choose from manual panels, tabular displays, mimic displays, and waveform displays.

Update Test Schedule Commands Screen

Create Your Own Test Sequences

Add your own test program sets - no programming experience required!

TestEx NxG allows you to edit existing test programs (and create new sequences), using our built-in test editor, without requiring assistance from our field service team. This can be exceptionally useful when aircraft component OEMs release updates to test requirements.

A Testing Application Designed for You

An industry-standard software that can be optimized for your aerospace testing organization.

Use Your Own Test Executive

With TestEx NxG, you can run tests with other test executive programs, including National Instruments TestStand.

Easy Calibration and Maintenance

Dedicated calibration and maintenance modules allow you to troubleshoot and maintain your test stand with ease.

Control User Levels Based on Your Team

Assign one of four different user levels to each member of your team to ensure that everyone has the permission they need.

Want to learn more?

Check out our YouTube channel for a TestEx NxG demo series!

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