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We got to where we are today by building on the legacy of test equipment giants.

1969: The Year of Aerospace

On the historic date of July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the moon. That very same day, well-respected engineers from Cox Instruments founded Testek, Inc.

Testek founders

Testek, Inc. 


Testek, Inc. was founded in 1969 by nine team members from the Cox Instruments test stand division.

American Avitron


The manufacturing rights and name American Avitron, a ground support equipment manufacturer, was acquired by Testek, Inc.

George L. Nankervis Company


Testek, Inc. acquired the George L. Nankervis Company, which was also born from Cox Instruments.

Cox Instruments


Testek, Inc. and Cox Instruments test stand group merged. The merged company continued doing business as Testek, Inc.

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AAI/ACL Technologies


Testek, Inc. acquired the manufacturing rights and proprietary data of AAI/ACL Technologies (previously ACL FILCO). We still produce AAI/ACL Technologies equipment today.

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Avtron Aerospace


Avtron Aerospace and Testek, Inc. (which became Testek LLC) were purchased together. Both brands still existed, but operations were merged.

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Testek Solutions


Avtron Aerospace and Testek LLC began operating under one brand: Testek Solutions.