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Trusted in Testing

The critical problem we solve is the optimum design, development, deployment, and ongoing support of your test solution. Because test solutions can have hidden costs.

Test Solutions for All

Reliability for OEMs
Reliable test systems for even the most extreme conditions.
Flexibility for MROs
Dependable testing with support to take you into the next decade
Versatility for Integrators
You may only build one test facility - trust our expertise to help you get it right.

Full Traceability of Results

Aerospace OEMs test their components to extreme conditions, defined in test specifications. Testek Test Stands perform reliably, consistently, and accurately with full traceability up to, and including, extreme conditions with flexible software, engineering support and aligned equipment warranties. When OEMs define regulation level tests for maintenance and repair they can be confident in MROs use of the same Testek equipment.

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Testing on Day One

MROs need to ensure serviced or replaced parts pass defined tests with full traceability. With Testek test stands, MROs get reliable OEM component testing, upgradeability to cover new components, flexible software, worldwide technical support, and the industry’s leading equipment warranty. Testek performs a complete install and testing at our facility prior to shipment to ensure dependable stand-up time scheduling.

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From Test Stands to Test Shops

Integrators such as airframe developers and regulatory and safety government agencies need comprehensive, up-to-date component test facilities. Testek draws on over 50 years of experience supplying and supporting aerospace test equipment to provide specialized technical and business consulting and execution to current, end-to-end concept, design, and building of entire test facilities.

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Exploring your test solution options?

Learn why we’re the aerospace industry’s subject matter expert on test equipment.
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