Avionic Test Solutions

The Testek Solutions automatic test equipment (ATE) platform includes all resources required to support legacy line replaceable modules (LRM) and other units with expansion capability for next generation aircraft.


Universal ATE

Test Solutions for all your aircraft controls

The family of universal Aviation Test Equipment offered by Testek Solutions is capable of testing the aircraft electrical, flight, power generation/distribution, APU, engine, pressure, temperature, brake, motor, and other controls for most aircraft types, including airliners, military aircraft, and helicopters.


OEM Partnership

Trusted by the OEM as their Avionic Solutions Provider

Testek Solutions has a partnership with Collins Aerospace to provide trustworthy, approved and proven Avionics Test Equipment for electrical power generating system controls. Our adapters and test programs fully satisfy the requirements of the Component Maintenance Manual (CMM). We are also recommended by Honeywell Aerospace for APU controller (APUC) units.

Three Different Solutions to Meet Your Needs

Legacy, next generation, and beyond.


The Testek model TS1650R is designed to support testing of low power line replaceable modules (LRM) and other similar units. The TS1650R can support next generation aircraft such as the B787, A350,  A220, and MRJ airframes.

3-Bay CATE-Nx

Our CATE-Nx model supports testing of a wide range of controls including some LRMs. This model includes the functionality required to test next generation aircraft controls, as well as legacy aircraft. The CATE-Nx is expandable for high-power applications, such as motor controller testing, with M-extension: a suite of resources including high power AC and DC supplies, resistive load bank, and chiller.

2-Bay CATE-Nx

The 2-Bay CATE-Nx is the future of our avionic test solutions. It includes all of the capabilities of the original 3-Bay CATE-Nx in a smaller footprint, two-bay configuration. This model is mounted on casters for portability. Our 2-Bay CATE-Nx utilizes ergonomic cable sets instead of point-to-point wiring, which allow for simple troubleshooting and easy debugging. It also features an open software environment that can be optionally tailored to user-supplied software.

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