Testek Solutions has partnerships with leading OEMs, services, and other test equipment manufacturers that can be leveraged to create the best test solution possible.

Collins Aerospace

Testek Solutions is a license and teaming partner with Collins Aerospace for automatic test equipment (ATE).

Honeywell Aerospace

Testek Solutions is a licensed test cell supplier for Honeywell APU engines.

Textron Systems

Testek Solutions is a licensee of Textron Systems for the design, build and manufacturing for hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical applications, servo test stands and servo valve test stands manufactured by Textron Systems and HR Textron.

Parker Aerospace

Testek Solutions has an agreement in cooperation with Parker Aerospace in supporting the F-16 aircraft’s hydraulic flight controls.


Derco and Testek Solutions have an agreement to jointly pursue specialized aircraft test equipment opportunities worldwide.

AAI/ACL Technologies

Testek Solutions has proprietary data and manufacturing rights to produce AAI/ACL Technologies test equipment.

Collins Aerospace

Testek Solutions is Collins Aerospace’s licensed supplier for Power Drive Unit (PDU) Test Stands.

National Instruments

Testek Solutions is a National Instruments Alliance Partner.


Sikorsky is a distributor of the Testek Solutions Compact Aircraft Support Cart System (CASC-S) for rotor-wing aircrafts.