Power Generation Test Solutions

Testek Solutions employs a universal design technique combined with multiple configuration options to establish a solid base of capability for the customer.


Operator Friendly and Cost Effective

Two different models to meet your needs.

For Airlines and MRO customers, we offer the Avtron K838AX/K938AX and Testek 101690 products. The K838AX/K938AX systems feature ATE++ system software with maximum emphasis on ease of operator use and seamless support for legacy Avtron adapter designs. The 101690 system features full testing capacity and performance combined with a compact and cost effective installation.


Resources for Development

The flexibility you need.

For Development and Production applications, Testek Solutions offers the 101980 series Test Stand. This test stand is highly flexible allowing fine-tuning of horsepower, speed, hydraulic lubrication, load bank arrangements, and metering and control packages. Testek's development test stands have 50-1500 HP available. These test stands can be customized to include start/stop testing, environmental stress screening (ESS), thermal testing, and vibration testing. Our TestEx-LV software extends the industry leading hardware platform into the user’s hands through a well-constructed user experience using the National Instruments LabVIEW platform.

Designs that can be leveraged to meet your needs

Diverse capability. Multiple Solutions. Planning for your future.

Capability for Your Entire Portfolio

Testek Solutions models can test the following power generation components:

  • APU Generators
  • Auxiliary Starter Generators (ASG)
  • Constant Speed Drives (CSD)
  • Integrated Drive Generators (IDG)
  • Starter Generators
  • Variable Frequency Generators (VFG)
  • Variable Frequency Starter Generators (VFSG)
  • And more

One Test Stand – Many Solutions

Once the equipment is installed and commissioned, Testek Solutions offers ways to leverage your solution to enhance capability and performance. Mechanical-Electrical Adapter Kits (MEAK) offer a cost effective means to add capability for testing new types of generators to an existing system. Test Stand modification kits can be added to improve the base solution by adding new resources and control solutions for advanced generator testing.

Protection for Your Investment

The typical Generator Test Stand represents a substantial capital investment and becomes a focal point for organizational throughput and workload. Capability upgrades and Extended Life platforms are available for both Avtron brand and Testek brand solutions. An Extended Life upgrade can improve system reliability and help increase uptime. Extended Life platforms keep the existing equipment operational at a fraction of the cost of a new stand.

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