test solutions for integrators

Test Solutions for Integrators

You May Only Build One Test Facility – Trust Our Expertise to Help You Get It Right

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A+50 Year Track Record of Success

We’ve Seen It All

In the past 50+ years, we’ve provided solutions for a variety of different customers with a variety of different needs. We’ve seen the extreme requirements of development testing, the robust requirements of production testing, and the flexibility requirements of return-to-service testing. Integrators such as airframe developers, defense repair stations, and overhaul facilities, have unique needs – and we’ve got solutions for all of them.


Complete Solutions

More Than Just Test Equipment

Beyond being your test equipment expert, Testek can also provide engineering design advice and guidance on building complete test solution facilities. We will work closely with your building contractor to advise on the most optimal layout configuration and to specify all facility resource requirements. For systems that may share resources, we can facilitate resource demand and management, including power management and fluid management. With a central control system, we can provide software logic to monitor these resources and route them appropriately based on demand and priority.

Ensure Your Shop Works Together

Harness our Knowledge and Skills


Superior Technical Knowledge

With more than 94 degreed engineers, most of whom have more than ten years’ experience in the industry, Testek is the most knowledgeable test equipment provider. Our in-house knowledge and experience has built test shop inspectors’ trust and users’ confidence that Testek equipment will not damage any aircraft system or component. By using high-quality, traceable, commercial-off-the-shelf components in our test stands, we can ensure that the test results from Testek stands are accurate and reliable.


OEM Partnerships

Our unique long-term OEM partnerships ensure deep and wide test coverage of their product lines. Through our strategic partnerships, we’ve gained special insight into the way each OEM develops their components and systems and access to test data, ensuring that your system can test exactly to the OEM’s requirements.


We Install Before You Install

We install before you install. Testek performs a complete installation and testing in-house, prior to shipment to ensure dependable stand-up time scheduling. Our facility installation of equipment will be as close to the final configuration as we can. By doing this, we can confirm that layouts are suitable for operation and that shared resources can be distributed properly. Our systems go through two-rounds of acceptance testing – once at our facility and once at yours. This helps to minimize time spent troubleshooting the test stands onsite and to ensure that you can begin testing as soon as the installation is complete.

I just wanted to send a quick thank you to the entire Testek team for all of your hard work… I realize we imposed more work than you expected… and I was impressed with Testek’s response to your customer’s needs. It was great seeing both the Testek and NGC team members act as a single team to get the job done and right; which allows everyone to succeed and accomplish great things!
Northrop Grumman Corporation

Northrop Grumman Corporation

“I wish to express my gratitude to all of you… for coming out and taking charge of the commissioning. [Your team] assisted us not only on the [test stand] received, but also on ones that have been assigned here for years. [They] engaged with our flight line operators to get a better understanding of how they use [the stand]… It helped tremendously in understanding the equipment operation in relationship to the aircraft. Furthermore, [he] inquired and obtained information on other GSE we currently use here and have issues with so as to research any possibility of Testek supplying parts, coordinating with other vendors, and other various assistance that we have difficulties with.”

Advanced Military Maintenance Repair and Overhaul Center (AMMROC)



Testing for valves, servo valves, actuators, pumps, pump/motor units; as well as hydraulic supply systems and flushing systems.

Power Generation

Power Generation

Testing for main generators, auxiliary generators, APU generators, IDGs, CSDs, VSCFs, wild frequency generators, AC starter generators, DC starter generators, and more.



Testing for control units, protection units, system controls, engine controls, temperature controls, static inverters, power distribution units, data memory modules, and more.

Fuel, Lube, Actuator, and Pneumatics

Fuel, Lube, Actuator, and Pneumatics

Testing for high and low flow valves, high and low temperature valves, heat exchangers, air cycle machines, environmental control systems, air turbine starters, electro-mechanical actuators, fuel pumps, fuel valves, lube components, and more.