Fuel, Lube, Actuators, Pneumatics, and More

A Solution for Every Test Requirement

At Testek, we can offer both standard and custom solutions for fuel, lube, actuators, and pneumatics. We can also provide custom test solutions for components, accessories, and systems that don’t fall into our standard product lines.

Fuel Test Solutions

We offer a variety of test solutions for fuel components including pumps and boost pumps, fuel controls, hydromechanical units (HMU), fuel metering units (FMU), valves, nozzles, servos, hydro-mechanical units, and others.

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Lube and Oil Test Solutions

Testek’s lube and oil test stands can test lubrication components such as valves, heat exchangers, lube and scavenge pumps, oil pumps, hydraulic clutches, oil coolers, check valve assemblies, oil tanks, cowl actuators, and more.

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Electro-Mechanical Actuator Test Solutions

Testek Solutions offers test solutions for electro-mechanical linear and rotary actuators in a variety of sizes and ranges. We also offer test stands for cargo applications such as power drive units (PDU) and cargo winches.

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Pneumatic Test Solutions

Our line of pneumatic test solutions includes testing for hot and cold pneumatic valves, air turbine starters, pneumatic heat exchangers, and air cycle machines and environmental control systems, including the latest B787 air pack system.

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