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Five Ways Testek Solutions Maximizes Upgradeability: the CATE-Nx

by Testek, on Mar 23, 2022

When you buy a new test system, you may not be able to get everything you want initially. Maybe you weren't able to make a business case for all of the components that you want to test. Or maybe there were optional items that weren't in your budget. Whatever the case, when you first buy a new test system, it's important to consider your ability to upgrade the test stand in the future. Below are are some ways that Testek Solutions maximizes upgradeability on one model, the CATE-Nx, to ensure that you can make use of your new test system for years to come.

1. The CATE-Nx is a Modular Test System

Like many of our test systems, including our hydraulic test stands and our fuel test stands, the CATE-Nx is a modular test system. This means that the interior of the test stand is built in sections that support different functionality. If a feature is not purchased, the space for that section is still built into the test stand in case of future upgrades. Designing our test systems with modularity in mind helps us to minimize disruption to your operations when installing an upgrade.

2. The Base Machine Houses Common Resources Between Units

The majority of the resources that are commonly used for testing units are housed in the base machine. This saves you money and time by allowing you to add test capability for some units with the simple addition of a Test Program Set (TPS).

3. Unit-Specific Resources are Independent of the Base Machine

When a unit requires specific resources that are unique to its test requirements, Testek designs the adapter to include these resources, rather than adding them to the base machine. This helps to ensure that the base machine isn't burdened with items that you don't need for testing other units.

4. Test Program Sets Share a Common Software User Interface

Once a test stand operator is trained on how to use the test stand and test a unit, she or he will be able to test any unit. The TPS software user interface is the same for all units.

5. Existing Adapters can be Used on a New Machine*

We understand how frustrating and wasteful it can be to purchase adapters only to later purchase a new test system and have to buy all of those adapters again. That's why, *with purchase of an adapter extension, users who upgrade from a TS1650S test stand can re-use their existing test adapters on their new CATE-Nx test stand.

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