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Testek Solutions & Land Forces

by Sam Thomas, on Jan 10, 2022

Testek Solutions is well known for aerospace manufacturing and testing domestically and internationally. We have been around for over 50 years so we have developed the best test solutions the market has to offer. While aerospace is what we are known for, we create test solutions for land forces as well. In our portfolio of equipment, transitioning from Aerospace to Land Forces is a simple adjustment, not to mention we have Land Force specific established solutions.

One of our most versatile stands, the CATE-Nx, can test most electronic parts on land force equipment. The universal ATE system is designed to be able to test anything that is electric by creating adapters that can easily be swapped out due to their smart, modular design. Changing adapters to adjust testing parameter and connections for low power and high power equipment is simple and makes the the CATE-Nx a great addition to any aerospace or land forces repair facility.

Testek also has an H500 Hydraulic Pump test stand line that works well with testing land forces components. The boost circuit features a low-pressure boost pump which is rated for continuous operation. The fluid used during testing is cooled after the testing cycle to help reduce wait time between testing. This stand has many features which can be suited to the needs of your specific group of hydraulic and scavenge pumps that need testing.

We also have a generation stand that can test main/auxiliary/APU generators in addition to IDGs, CSDs, VFSGs, VFGs, DC starters and more. The machine features manual operation for controlled testing. The machine also has data acquisition options available. Our IDG machines are always intelligently designed making maintainability easy.

Finally, we have an AGT1500 test cell. This cell contains all the necessary test equipment and instrumentation to fully qualify the engine's functional performance. The test cell data acquisition system features commercial, off the shelf components. Additionally, this cell is equipped semi-automatic operation during testing.

At Testek, we have the portfolio and infrastructure to create a solution that can support your land-related equipment needs. Above are just some examples so please reach out for any requirements that you may have!


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