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Testek Inc. is located in Wixom, Michigan USA. The city of Wixom is home to a large number of production and manufacturing facilities. Michigan has a great source of workforce in various fields from Engineering to Skilled Trades. Michigan is home to many top rated universities and colleges. The “Midwestern work ethic” is alive and strong in Michigan, the theory goes – “Michiganders” are more likely to pour their soul into a job and significantly less likely to job-hop, whether it’s a proven theory or not – based on our experience at Testek, the theory is dead on!

Testek is conveniently located near a major international airport, Detroit (DTW).

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Testek Main Facility

Total Facility Squarefeet200,000 sq ft18,580 meters
-Manufacturing Floorspace135,000 sq ft12,542 meters
-Office Floorspace45,000 sq ft4,180 meters
-Mezzanines & Storage20,000 sqft1,860 meters
-Future ability to expandAn additional 200,000 sqft18,580 meters
Total Acres17 Acres68,797 meters
Electrical Power2000 kVA