Automatic \ Avionics Test Equipment

Testek‚Äôs NextGen TS-1650, LRM & CATE series provides economical and high speed, certified correct testing of a wide range of aircraft avionics and control components. The Testek ATE family are universal, automatic test systems, one of which is best for your application. UTC Aerospace formerly known as Hamilton Sundstrand approves and recommends Testek’s TS-1650, LRM & CATE series.

Testek is the sole Teaming Partner and Licensee of UTC Aerospace for Electrical Power Generation System Component test equipment. No other test equipment manufacturer offers this license and teaming partnership for the UTC Aerospace line of aircraft electrical control products.

Test Equipment is available for various electronic components (Avionics). A brief overview of the test components is indicated below:

Aircraft Electrical Power Generating System Controls (EGGS Controls) Licensee and Teaming Partner of
Environmental System Components utas
Brake System Control Components 
Engine Control Components Testek and Cassidian have joined together to provide EPGS test capability on the ATEC series 6.
Miscellaneous Components  eads1
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