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Electro-Mechanical Actuator and Winch Test Solutions

Testing for all your electro-mechanical components.

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Test Actuators for Your Entire Fleet

In addition to our test solutions for hydraulic actuators, Testek Solutions offers universal systems for testing electro-mechanical actuators with a wide range of travel distances. Our actuator test systems can be sized to test a specific actuator, all actuators used on one aircraft, or an entire air carrier’s fleet of actuators. Testek’s actuator test benches can also support a vast range of force, speed, and torque parameters. Combined linear and rotary actuator test stands can be custom built to support smaller footprints.

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Electrical Loading

Our actuator test systems feature AC servo motors for loading, in lieu of a hydraulic system. The AC servo motor provides a faster response time, and improved accuracy, control, and versatility. Without a hydraulic system, users can avoid messy clean-up of oil and can reduce maintenance costs for spare parts. Pneumatic loading circuits are also available.

A Solution for Every Electro-Mechanical Need

Linear. Rotary. Winch.

Linear Actuator Test Stands

Testek’s Electro-Mechanical Linear Actuator Test Stand is capable of maintaining constant aiding (inertia) or opposing (friction) load during linear motion of the actuator. Load cells and linear transducers critical for testing can be calibrated easily and precisely via the Data Acquisition System (DAS). Dynamic plots are available via the DAS for semi-automatic and automatic test modes. The stand is capable of end-play testing. This highly accurate test system provides reliable repeatability of mechanical and electrical stops for consistent test results.

Rotary Actuator Test Stands

The Testek model Electro-Mechanical Rotary Actuator Test Stand utilizes a servo motor for maintaining constant aiding (inertia) or opposing (friction) load during rotary motion of the actuator. This system can simulate rotational loads applied to actuators that operate in just a few milliseconds in the field. The stand features a phase angle voltmeter required for measuring rotational travel distance. Manual torque control is available for extremely small rotational ranges. Like the transducers of the Linear Actuator Test Stand, the Rotary Actuator Test Stand’s torque transducer can be calibrated via the DAS. Different pads are available to support different ranges.

Winch Test Stands

Our Winch Test Stand is a flexible system with multiple different testing configurations designed to support testing of aircraft cargo winches and rescue hoists. The Winch Test Stand can be powered by an AC power supply, DC power supply, or hydraulic power unit, depending on the unit under test’s (UUT) integrated motor. The power system can simulate both static and dynamic load applied to the UUT cable.

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