pneumatic test solutions

Pneumatic Test Solutions

Testek Solutions has a versatile system to test all of your pneumatic components – including the Next Generation.

pneumatic facility

Complete Pneumatic Facility

Test Pneumatic Components for Your Entire Fleet

Testek Solutions can provide a complete pneumatic facility. With standard models for testing pneumatic valves, air cycle machines (ACM), air turbine starters (ATS), and pneumatic heat exchangers, we can help you set up a comprehensive pneumatic shop. Testek can provide auxiliary facility equipment for testing including low pressure compressors, high pressure compressors, receivers, dryers, filters, chillers, and heaters in addition to test systems. Consulting services are available for facility interconnection. Interconnection piping, including mixing valves, can be supplied upon request.
Environmental Control System (ECS)

Solutions for the B787 Environmental Control System (ECS)

A system for testing the ACM and every other component in the ECS

The Testek Solutions ECS Test System is ready for the next generation. In addition to the pneumatic pressure, temperature, data acquisition, and vibration measurement circuits required to test an ACM, our ECS test system has the Air Management System (AMS) Drive Center (ADC) motor controller, low temperature chillers, and vacuum circuits necessary to test Cabin Air Compressors (CAC), Ram Air Fans (RAF), and Motor Driven Compressors (MDC).

Pneumatic Test Stands That Work for You

Variety. Safety. Accessibility.

Test a Variety of Valves in Multiple Configurations

Testek’s Pneumatic Valve Test Stand can test pneumatic valves in a variety of sizes with a wide range of pressure, temperature (up to 450°F, 232°C), and flow requirements. A high temperature section can be added to the pneumatic valve test stand for high-temperature testing up to 800°F (427°C). Testek’s recommended layout can help reduce operating cost by locating the pneumatic heater close to the test stand. This floorplan helps to minimize heat loss of supplied airflow, allowing for smaller heater sizing and fast warm up times.

Maximize Safety in Air Turbine Starter Testing

The Testek Solutions Air Turbine Starter (ATS) Test Stand was carefully designed with operator and test part safety in mind. The flywheels, which are sized for a wide range of narrow and wide body aircraft, are designed using stress analysis. Automatic shutdown safeties are used to prevent overspeed and moving parts are protected by safety covers. A secondary Eddy current braking system for slowing and stopping the flywheels during testing in addition to standard disc brakes reduces brake wear.

Ergonomic Heat Exchanger Testing

The Pneumatic Heat Exchanger Test Stand is designed for ergonomic testing. Operators can raise and lower test parts into the submersible test tank for leakage testing using a jib crane. A mobile test cart mounted on casters is sized to cover the submersible tank.

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