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Testek Solutions awarded contract with US Navy.

by Aaron Branham, on Sep 21, 2020

Wixom, MI - Testek Solutions, a Michigan based aviation test stand company, has been awarded a $38 Million USD contract with the US Navy regarding Aircraft Generator Test Stands (AGTS). The AGTS will be used to conduct full functional testing of the new F/A-18E/F and EA-18G G4 Generator Converter Units (GCUs), the V-22 Constant Frequency Generator (CFG) and Variable Frequency Generator (VFG), the ALQ-99 Ram Air Turbine Generator (RAT), and generators tested by the legacy Aircraft Engine Component Test Stand (AECTS) at those sites where the AECTS is being replaced by the AGTS.

 The contract will kick off with a minimum quantity of four pre-production units to be purchased with the first Delivery Order and used for verification and validation testing. After successful completion of contractor testing and Government suitability and supportability evaluation, the Government plans to issue delivery orders for the production units over four production years for up to 32 production units.

 To learn more about Testek Solutions, please visit www.Testek.com.

About Testek Solutions

Testek, Inc. was founded in 1969 by nine team members from the Cox Instruments test stand division. For more than 50 years, Testek Solutions has designed, manufactured, and supported highly reliable aerospace and defense test equipment and testing facilities for OEMs, MROs, and operators. 

About Naval Air Systems Command

Established in 1966 as the successor to the Navy’s Bureau of Naval Weapons,
the Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) is headquartered in Patuxent River, Md., with military and civilian personnel stationed at eight locations across the continental United States and one site overseas.


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