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Who We Are: Mastery

by Sam Thomas, on Apr 7, 2021

"Practice Makes Perfect"

A simple yet profound statement which has been around for centuries. The beauty of the phrase is that it can apply to anything. Sports. Writing. Painting. Public speaking. Baking (the first cake I ever made benefited from a few more attempts). Practice applies to manufacturing as well. From the beginning stages of an idea to the final assembly of the last machine in a product line, the process is encumbered with trial and error, re-works, repetitive testing, etc. This process is important because working and tested products are what the consumer is after.

Testek Solutions has a 50+ year history of perfecting its product lines and offerings. Through those years, these processes have been fine-tuned and the expertise has been passed through to the next generation of our stands. Through strategic mergers and acquisitions, Testek was able to exponentially increase the in-house knowledge while also bolstering its test system offerings.

As a whole, Testek Solutions has built an installed machine base of over 5000 test stands worldwide, and this is in no small part to the time and resources spent to design and produce the best equipment possible. These stands can and have been running for decades and most consumers who purchase one, come back for future needs.

Lastly, a big tell that Testek has established itself as an expert in aerospace manufacturing is the OEM partnerships (including, but not limited to Collins Aerospace) that have been established. Being listed in component CMMs is a testament to the capability that has been refined and cultivated through the years. If an OEM can trust Testek, so can the consumer.

Mastery is achieved through practice and growth. Testek takes pride in the journey to becoming a known-industry leader. Achieving a high level of expertise allows Testek Solutions to be the lowest-risk partner in the industry.