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Who We Are: Value

by Sam Thomas, on Sep 2, 2021

Capital equipment is a major investment to make in your business, so a lot is expected out of the purchase. There is much to consider, be it cost, capability, footprint, etc that sometimes it does get overwhelming. This is why Testek takes pride in the value we provide with our test stands and equipment.


Everything we design and build is powered by decades of combined engineering experience across all product lines. The parts we source are the industry's best in terms of functionality and durability. Not only are they reliable, they are, where possible, off-the-shelf components, meaning if something does fail, finding a replacement will be easy and painless. Since there are so many pieces and components that go into test stands of this caliber, understanding what you are looking at when troubleshooting or servicing is important too. That's why Testek systems are well labeled and organized internally with room to make adjustments.


The majority of our test stands have broad capability built it. With an investment of this magnitude, you want to make sure you are getting good testing capability. Additionally, the ability to expand is built into our equipment. For example, out CATE-Nx Universal Avionics test stand has over 300 TPS available to it. You won't need to buy a new machine for every group of parts you want to test. Testek keeps your total cost of ownership in the forefront when designing our stands.


Often times, a new stand comes with a learning curve. At Testek, we do our best to minimize that time by making the software and layout user-friendly. Our stands utilize LabVIEW which is a widely-known testing management software. Functions have been automated for simple tasks which will help save time on testing throughout its lifecycle. Additionally, adapters have a step-by-step testing process based on each UUT's CMM guidelines. Finally, there is an "open software" environment so engineers can change parameters in the software themselves to better suit to their testing needs.

Total cost of ownership, reliability, and ease of use are vital to the design process here at Testek. We value our customers. We value the process. We value success. Let Testek Solutions be value added to your business.

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