CASSIDIAN (EADS) & Testek Inc Partner Up!

Cassidian Test & Services (formerly EADS Test & Services) and Testek Inc have signed a Cooperation Agreement to co-develop EPGS testing capability on ATEC Series 6 automatic tester. This cooperation resulted in a universal modular add-on solution for the ATEC Series 6 called the TPEM (Test Power Extension Module). The TPEM is being designed by Testek Inc/Cassidian Test & Services to increase the technical possibilities of ATEC family products for aircraft electrical power controls and power electronics. The TPEM will install directly onto the ATEC 6 and provide test capability for B787, A350 and other aircraft EPGS equipment.

Delivering 787 Electrical Solutions for ANA

In the competitive world of Commercial Aviation there’s no glory for second place. So what could be better than winning twice? ANA is the first airline in line to take delivery of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner Aircraft, and ANA just selected Testek to provide test capability for the 787 Starter-Generators! Testek offers the first and best test solution on the market so ANA chose a winner. After all, Testek developed the 787 Starter-Generator test technology for Boeing themselves! We wish ANA many successful years flying the B787 with Testek Generator Stands supporting their fleet.